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Below you will find our 6 Flagship, award winning books.

From these, please choose where you would like to start your amazing journey into better heath!

We reccomend you start with at least 2 books so you have a good foundation of over 200 recipes to choose from.
All our books contain immersive high definition images, delicious recipes, and a detailed introductions with a step by step guide ensuring you feel confident that you are heading in the right direction!


The Mediterranean Refresh

The Mediterranean Refresh is our most popular, with over 800,000 copies sold! It contains 256 pages and over 100 amazing, time tested Recipes!


The Mediterranean Refresh: Under 30 Minutes

The Mediterranean Refresh: Under 30 Minutes has verything you need to live the mediterranean livesyle in one place! With over 100 recipes that are all desgined for amazing meals that take under 30 minutes to make!


Mediterranean Meals On a Budget

Mediterranean Meals On a Budget is simple, it focuses on amazing and healthy meals that are $3 or LESS per serving! Who said eating healthy had to be exspensive? This book will litterly SAVE you money to get healthy!

4, Featured

Intermittent Fasting And The Mediterranean Diet

Intermittent Fasting is one of the HOTEST lifestyles out there right now.. and if you couple that with Mediterranean Food.. OH BOY.. are you in for some serious results!


Deserts On the Mediterranean

We all know all good meal always ends in desert.. However, desert dosn't need to be a bad thing! It can absolutly be just as healthy and still satisisfy that sweet tooth!


Keto For Life

Our BRAND NEW Introduction to the Keto Diet! Keto For Life is your one stop shop for eveything you need to be successfull on the Keto diet! And with over 100 recipes! You will always be ready for your next meal!

What Our Customers Say


"The book has been extremely helpful in understanding a Mediterranean diet. Absolutely would suggest it to anyone who wants to better their eating habits!"



"This little cookbook is a treasure! Each of the recipes I made to date were not only healthy, but also delicious."

Janet S.


"This book has easy recipes that are beautiful and nutritious. I have been eating this way for a while, but needed something to get me out of my cooking rut and this is perfect."

B. Graydon

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Shrimp or Chicken Wraps

Such an amazing dish on a nice summer afternoon in the backyard with family and friends. Try it either greek or asian style!

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Focaccia Bread

One of the most Iconic breads you will find when going to any fancy Italian Restaurants! If you havn't tried it.. you should do so very fast!

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Crème brûlée

The classic French deserts. Every time I see this on the menu when im out for dinner, I have to give it a try.. such an amazing, delicate dish.

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