No More Counting Calories with These Mouth-Watering Meals

Healthy Eating is Easier Than Ever Before

By: Erika Simons


Diets are never easy.

I remember the last time I stood on a scale. I just wanted something to shift. I wanted to watch the dial bounce and land on my goal weight. But like every other time I stepped on the scale, the dial struck the same number.

After years of restricting myself and never achieving my goals, I decided it was time for a change. I decided to reward myself.

Growing up, I could eat whatever I wanted and never gained weight. I was that friend. Until one day in my mid-20s, my eating habits started showing. At first, I thought I was bloated… a lot. Or maybe it was water weight?

 And that’s when weight gain took over my life. I started fasting, which didn’t work. Then I tried every fad diet known to man; Keto, Paleo, Weight-Watchers, and even the Raw Diet. All of them left me defeated. Nothing changed, except my motivation and energy. Both of which were depleted.

The worst part? When someone walked by with mouth-watering food. I just wanted to pounce!

Needless to say, I had a problem and needed a solution. I felt helpless – like no one understood me. I was too scared to share my frustrations because I didn’t want to be judged. 

I wanted to feel full, lose weight, and enjoy my food.

I didn’t want to be empty anymore一emotionally or physically.

I embarked upon a journey of mending my relationship with food. The result? I wrote The Mediterranean Refresh, a collection of Mediterranean-inspired recipes that helped me achieve my goals.

Why Do So Many Diets Fail?

When I began my research, I discovered that the American diet only worked if paired with excessive exercise. I resented that companies tricked me into thinking their tasty food was healthy. With so many hidden calories and few fats, it was clear they wouldn’t work. 

Life gets busy, and not everyone has the chance to exercise regularly. With such a high intake of calories, the only way to lose (or even maintain) weight is exercise.

After much more research, I came across the Mediterranean Diet. And I’ve been hooked since. No more rigorous restricting, counting calories, or fasting. I finally felt full. I finally felt free!

The Mediterranean Diet has actually been studied for DECADES! With proven health benefits and delicious flavors, I was surprised we all didn’t know about it sooner.

Fun Fact: Diet refers to the food eaten by an individual. It doesn’t always mean restricting!

Rosemary Baked Chicken

Page 110

My Mediterranean Refresh

The Mediterranean diet completely refreshed my relationship with food (hence the name!). It fueled me rather than the draining alternatives of fad diets.

I experimented with many different ingredients and herbs. I wanted a collection of simple recipes that I could use forever. After a few years, it came to fruition!

The best part? I’m at a happy weight. I look forward to my meals without any guilt.

Many of my friends asked after my recipes. They sparked an idea. I decided to create a permanent book of recipes that I love.

And now I get to share it with you.

A customer favorite is my famous Seafood Paella (page 104). With savory herbs, juicy prawns, and fresh tomatoes, there was no saying no!

Seafood Paella

Page 104

How Can You Refresh Your Diet?

With a FREE Copy of The Mediterranean Refresh!

Fat is our body’s main energy source. If you stick to low-fat foods, you’ll find your energy levels all over the place. Not to mention the increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and inflated blood pressure.

But I want to teach you that balancing heart-healthy fats doesn’t have to be time-consuming or bland. And I know exactly where you can start…

With a FREE copy of The Mediterranean Refresh!

Yes, that’s right – FREE!

I want you to reach your goals and mend your relationship with food! Sent straight to your door, this physical 256-page recipe book will refresh your diet. Experiment with over 100 zesty recipes and find your renewed energy! From Lemon Ricotta Pancakes (page 40) to Roasted Lamb with Velvet Black Olive Sauce (page 172), these meals will invigorate and inspire you.

Roasted Lamb with Velvet Black Olive Sauce

Page 172

I know it can be hard.

Even with exercise and restriction, I didn’t see any shift in my weight. I saw the way people looked at me. But I just didn’t have an answer. And I felt alone.

There were so many rules attached to my eating. It was no longer enjoyable. Cutting out things I craved, only made me crave them more, which led to cheat-days. As I said, I didn’t have the healthiest relationship with food. It was very love-hate. 

With The Mediterranean Refresh, I reset this mentality. I stopped counting calories. I stopped feeling hungry. I stopped cheating my health.

Instead of waking up exhausted and hitting snooze, I started my day with a smile. Instead of multiple cups of coffee to keep me going, my diet kept me energized.

Since it transformed my life, I decided to share my book.

Within the pages, you’ll find the perfect meal for you. Only have five minutes? Try my Frosty Fruit Smoothie Greek Yogurt with Honey & Walnuts (page 222). Craving chocolate? You’ll love the Frozen Chocolate Bananas (page 228). Maybe you want to try something new? The Portuguese Chorizo Soup (page 170) is for you.

Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Page 228

Will This Actually Work?

When I set out on this journey, it was for me. But the result is for everyone!

 It can be tough to make these changes. And I’m definitely not saying that it’s going to happen overnight. But there are so many great things that come with transforming your diet.

Known Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Increased Heart Health

There have been many studies researching the heart-health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. The results? People who stick to it reduce their chances of heart problems by 30%!1 

Supports Weight Loss and Maintenance

Thanks to the whole, fresh foods, the Mediterranean Diet can help people lose weight and maintain the loss! A 5 year study found that the diet outpreformed low-fat dietsthe participants had smaller waist measurements at the end of the study.2 

Prevents Cognitive Decline

The Mediterranean Diet isn't just for heart health and weight loss, it also benefits your memory and cognition! Many studies have concluded this finding. But one in particular discovered that individuals who stuck to the diet were far less likely to show signs associated with dementia!3

May Protect Against Cancer

A review of 83 studies found that the Mediterranean Diet reduced the risk of cancer, especially breast and colon/rectal cancers.4 This effect is believed to occur due to the fruits and whole foods of the diet.

Supports Health Blood Sugar Levels

Since the Mediterranean Diet involves fresh and nutritiously-dense foods, it can stablize blood sugar and protect from type 2 diabetes.5  

Shakshuka with Tomato Sauce & Pepper

Page 116

Reach Your Goals With The Mediterranean Refresh

What’s beautiful about this book is that you can slowly add fueling foods to your daily routine. Whether you skip take-out lunches for tasty Tuna-Stuffed Eggplant (page 90) or replace sugary drinks with Sugar-Free Blueberry Lemonade (page 188), you’ll be on your way.

But this is more than just a book. The Mediterranean Refresh is a lifestyle change. It’s a change in the way we interact with food and our bodies. This diet is about showing yourself love with healthy choices.

We’re all busy, which is why none of my recipes require fancy techniques or hard-to-find ingredients. Flip to a page, imagine the mouth-watering smells, and get to work (but not too much work)!

Plus, this book is for everyone – even inexperienced cooks! Each step is thoroughly explained and each recipe straightforward.

Start Your Mediterranean Journey Today

I’m here for you.

I know firsthand how difficult this can be, but with the right tools, you can make the change. By reading this far you’ve already put yourself first, which is step one!

The next step? Accepting that food is meant to nourish and satisfy you. Once you listen to your body and follow this guide, you’ll find the balance between tasty and healthy. That's where my FREE cookbook comes in!

Many customers have enjoyed their lifestyle change with the Mediterranean Diet and I’ve received great feedback about this cookbook. Just see for yourself:

Hi—I'm Erika!

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I hope that once you read this book, you’ll join The Mediterranean Refresh community with those on the same journey as you.

There’s absolutely zero commitment that I’m asking of you or hidden charges. I just ask that you cover the cost of shipping.

I’m offering this cookbook as a FREE resource because I want to share the information I’ve learned along the way. Everyone deserves a (re)fresh start, including YOU!

This book is something I wish I had when I began my journey. And hopefully, it’ll be a part of your journey!

Join me and the thousands of Americans starting their Mediterranean journey with The Mediterranean Refresh today.

The Mediterranean Refresh is the perfect beginner’s guide to the Mediterranean Diet.

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