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Spring Blowout Sale

Inflate-R Is a wireless Air Pump designed for your busy life!

Never worry about getting a low tire on that road trip again or having to stop at the gas station just
to pay $3 to fill up your tire!

Inflate-R is your one click solution!

WHAT IS INFLATE-R? - Portable & lightweight Tire Pump - Fits conveniently in you're car's glove box or in a backpack.

CAN BE USED FOR ANYTHING THAT HOLDS AIR - You can inflate Vehicle Tires, Footballs, Soccer Balls, Motorbikes, Mountain bikes, and all other inflatables. Comes with every type of Nozzle to fit on any inflatable equipment.

POWERFUL AIR OUTPUT - This Air Pump provides up to 150 psi of air output, and inflates tires in under 8 minutes!

EMERGENCY PUMP - Use Inflate-R when you need to inflate tires on the road or in emergencies.

BUILT IN POWER BANK - Large 5200 mAh battery to charge phones or other electronic devices. This also makes for a long battery life when pumping.

— 1-Click Inflation —

It's as easy has hooking up Inflate-R to you tire
and hitting go!

— Many Uses —

Inflate-R isnt just for car tires! It works fantastic for all vehicles, bikes, balls, ect

— Fast Charging—

Inflate-R is fast charge enabled
so it will always be ready
when you are!  

— Powerbank —

Inflate-R comes with a built in power bank
and flashlight

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Why Our Customers Love Our Gear


"I've got older tires on a vehicle and needs air every other week. That's the main reason for purchasing the item. I had another product that just stop working after 4-5 uses. This one was $20-30 more but the saying "you get what you pay for " holds true. It's easy to use and works. Being rechargeable is also a plus. Would definitely recommend it!"

— Ken A.


"I regularly go from Texas to Colorado (everywhere really) pulling a horse trailer, and this gives me a little more peace of mind. Put one in my daughter's car too. Flashlight, tire inflator.. And it charges devices. YES PLEASE! I feel safer, I feel my daughter is safer, that's worth a million bucks!

— Sonya Y.

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1

Connect Inflate-R to your tire

Step 2

Set your desired PSI

Step 3

Hit go and watch inflate-R pump up your tire and once its done, it will automatically shut off