No More Counting Calories with These Mouth-Watering Meals

Healthy Eating is More Delicious and Easy Than Ever Before

If only I could lose 5 more pounds.

How many times have you thought that?

I know I’ve thought it many, many times. More than I’d like to admit. Honestly, I’ve been trying to lose weight since I learned what weight means. And I know I’m not alone.

But why do we feel this way?

Stay with me here.

What if we want to lose weight because of reasons outside our control? Think about how many weight-loss ads you see. Think about all the famous and thin models on your news feed. We’re exposed to so many (falsified) that we’ve learned to want it. We’ve learned that losing weight will make us prettier and healthier.

But what if it’s not true? There are many ‘fit’ people out there still struggling with self-image and food.

So what I’m thinking is that healthy eating doesn’t have much to do with weight. I think it’s more about unlearning toxic behaviors and putting ourselves first. Healthy eating is about having a healthy relationship with food.

And in order to have a healthy relationship with food, you have to start somewhere. Which is exactly what I did.

The result?

I wrote a book. The Mediterranean Refresh is a collection of Mediterranean-inspired recipes that helped me achieve my goals.

I spent more than a year researching various diets, foods, and consulted dietitians and doctors. I wanted to find a balance between the nutritious and delicious. I wanted to feel energized and full. I wanted to feel comfortable in my body and comfortable around food.


Why Do So Many Diets Fail?


When I began my research, I discovered that the typical American diet only works when paired with excessive exercise. I resented that companies tricked me into thinking their tasty food was healthy. With so many hidden calories and few fats, it was clear they wouldn’t work. Many studies have found that low-fat foods have more sugar than their regular-fat counterparts.

Life gets busy, and not everyone has the chance to exercise regularly. With such a high intake of calories, the only way to lose (or even maintain) weight is exercise.

Consulting professionals led me to the Mediterranean Diet. It consists mainly of healthy fats and vegetables, all sprinkled with enticing spices to keep things interesting.

Goodbye to all those bland salads!

Slowly, I added Mediterranean recipes into my usual diet. I knew I had to make the change a thoughtful one. I tracked how I felt, how my stomach reacted, and how hungry I got.

After a month, my entire diet was Mediterranean-based. And I was glowing. I even stopped tracking everything because I knew the diet worked. I felt energized. I felt full. But most importantly, I felt free. I wasn’t focusing on weight loss, I was focusing on me. And being me felt better than ever.

My experience inspired me to create The Mediterranean Refresh. I knew I wasn’t alone. And I know firsthand how much people can struggle with food.

So I’m here to tell you that if I can do it, you can. My book isn’t for chefs, it’s for everyone. I made my book accessible because everyone deserves to heal. And everyone deserves control over their health.

Fun Fact: Diet refers to the food eaten by an individual. It doesn’t always mean restricting!

Heart-Healthy Mains

Ever gone out with friends and nothing fits your diet? I would show up with such discipline, only to end up feeling guilty.

Now I look forward to my enticing Mediterranean meals! I whip up tasty dinners for our group, with everyone asking for seconds. I’ve never received so many compliments for my cooking before.

What about birthday dinners, when eating out is the norm? Well, that isn’t a problem anymore. Because I found a fulfilling lifestyle with healthy food, I no longer feel bad about a treat once in a while. And neither should you!

How Can You Refresh Your Diet?


Fat is our body’s main energy source. If you stick to low-fat foods, you’ll find your energy levels all over the place. Not to mention the increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and heightened blood pressure.

But I want to teach you that balancing heart-healthy fats doesn’t have to be time-consuming or bland. And I know exactly where you can start...

With a FREE copy of The Mediterranean Refresh!

Yes, that’s right – FREE!

I want you to reach your goals too. I’m not the only one that deserves a chance to mend my relationship with food! I want you to know you’re not alone. Diets aren’t easy, but they shouldn’t be so hard.

Mailed straight to your door, this physical 256-page recipe book will refresh your diet. Experiment with over 100 zesty recipes and find your renewed energy! From Lemon Ricotta Pancakes to Roasted Lamb with Velvet Black Olive Sauce, these meals will invigorate and inspire you.

Powerhouse Breakfasts

What’s the most important meal of the day? All of them. But breakfast definitely sets the tone. Start each day with a filling, delicious Mediterranean meal!

My breakfast recipes are easy to make and take minimal time. I get how chaotic mornings can be, which is why these accessible recipes will resonate with you. Hello, Caprese Breakfast Tart!

I know it can be hard.

Even with exercise and restriction, I didn’t see any shift in my weight. I saw the way people looked at me. But I just didn’t have an answer. And I felt alone.

There were so many rules attached to my eating. I no longer enjoyed it. Cutting out things I craved, only made me crave them more, which led to cheat-days. I was so focused on losing weight, I lost sight of actually being healthy. Me and food had a long-term love-hate relationship. Until now.

With The Mediterranean Refresh, I reset this mentality. I stopped counting calories. I stopped feeling hungry. I stopped cheating my health.

Instead of waking up exhausted and hitting snooze, I started my day with a bounce. Instead of multiple cups of coffee keeping me going, my diet energized me.

Since it transformed my life, I decided to share my book.

Within the pages, you’ll find the perfect meal for you — every time. Only have five minutes? Try my Frosty Fruit Smoothie. Craving chocolate? You’ll love the Frozen Chocolate Bananas. Maybe you want to try something new? The Fregula with Clams and Chilies is exactly what you need.

Grab-and-Go Snacks

Most diets are too restrictive. I felt like bread was evil! Reduced to a few small meals a day, there was never room for snacking. Which isn’t sustainable. I always ended up grabbing a bag of chips on my way home from work.

But with The Mediterranean Refresh, there are snacks. And they’re for everyone. It’s so refreshing.

I always find between lunch and dinner I need a boost. What better way to fuel yourself than tasty snacks? Chili Lime Chickpeas are my current go-to!

Will This Actually Work?


When I set out on this journey, it was for me. But this book is for everyone!

It can be tough to make these changes. And I’m definitely not saying that it’s going to happen overnight. Remember, it took me an entire month to make the switch. But there are so many great things that come with transforming your diet.

Known benefits of a Mediterranean Diet:

  • Boosted heart health1
  • Weight loss support2
  • Prevents cognitive decline3
  • May protect against cancer4
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels5

Put yourself first and embrace a healthy relationship with food. Try The Mediterranean Refresh!

What’s beautiful about this book is that you can slowly add fueling foods to your daily routine. Just like I did! Whether you skip take-out lunches for tasty Tuna Pita Pockets or replace sugary drinks with Fruit Detox Water, you’ll be on your way.

But this is more than just a book. The Mediterranean Refresh is a lifestyle change. It’s a change in the way we interact with food and our bodies. This diet is about showing yourself love with healthy choices.

This book is for everyone – even inexperienced cooks! Each step is thoroughly explained and each recipe straightforward.

We’re all busy, which is why none of my recipes require fancy techniques or hard-to-find ingredients. Flip to a page, imagine the mouth-watering smells, and get to work (but not too much!).

I hope that once you read this book, you’ll join The Mediterranean Refresh community with those on the same journey as you.

There’s absolutely zero commitment that I’m asking of you or hidden charges. I just want to share my experience because everyone deserves a (re)fresh start! This book is something I wish I had when I began my journey.

Together we can unlearn unhealthy beliefs and move toward fulfilling ourselves. Health is not a number, it’s a lifestyle.

Join me and thousands of Americans on their Mediterranean journey with The Mediterranean Refresh today!

WARNING: Current stock levels on The Mediterranean Refresh are LOW

Register me for the FREE offer of The Mediterranean Refresh

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