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Known benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

- Detoxs the liver & colon
- Curbs sugar cravings
- Boosts energy levels
- Maintains your ideal weight
- Stimulates your heart health

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One-Skillet Greek Chicken

Page 186
Tuscan and White Bean Pasta

Page 218

Vegan Avocado and Chickpea Salad
Page 116
Savory Mushroom and Leek Galette
Page 90
Greek Salmon Bowl
Page 152
Creamy Chicken and Spinich Pasta
Page 190

Health Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

Increased Heart Health


There have been many studies researching the heart-health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. The results? People who stick to it reduce their chances of heart problems by 30%!1 

Vibrant Vegetable Wraps with Tahini sauce

Page 166

Supports Weight Loss and Maintenance


Thanks to the whole, fresh foods, the Mediterranean diet can help people lose weight and maintain the loss! A 2015 study found the diet more effective at weight loss than low-fat diets, with the Mediterranean Dieters losing between 8 to 22 pounds in 1 year.2

Mediterranean Shrimp Pizza
Page 174

Prevents Cognitive Decline


The Mediterranean Diet isn't just for heart health and weight loss, it also benefits your memory and cognition! Many studies have concluded this finding. But one in particular discovered that individuals who stuck to the diet were far less likely to show signs associated with dementia!3

Hearty Pita Tacos
Page 180

May Protect Against Cancer


A review of 83 studies found that the Mediterranean Diet reduced the risk of cancer, especially breast and colon/rectal cancers.4 This effect is believed to occur due to the fruits and whole foods of the diet.

Silician Spinich and Ritoctta Ravioli

Page 96

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"This book has easy recipes that are beautiful and nutritious. I have been eating this way for a while, but needed something to get me out of my cooking rut and this is perfect."

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